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Important Tips for Windows Decoration

People always have an image in their mind, which states the type of house they want to live in. Some of us are lucky to find the exact same house which we have dreamt off but others get an ordinary house. Having an ordinary house doesn’t mean that you can’t transform it in your dream house. Use your creativity, imagination to decor it as per your preference. Wall paints, furniture, art work, windows, etc play an important role in decorating the house.

If you want to know, how to make windows more appealing, then here are few tips which will help you in decorating the windows.

• While hanging the curtains, make sure that they are close to the ceiling

• Depending upon your choice you can use both blinds and curtains. For example, if you want a formal look then you can use shades along with the curtains. Otherwise using curtains are self sufficient.

• In case your windows are too large and you are worried about it, then instead of worrying you can choose such a fabric which matches the wall color and use them which will not overwhelm the space.

• Always choose such curtains which complement the rest of the things in the room. Make any one of them the star focus and let others have the secondary attention.

• If you are looking for more privacy in your room then use roman shades. But if you want to adjust the amount of light entering in your room then using slatted blinds is a good idea.

• The height of the curtain depends on the person’s choice, some like it to the floor, whereas some like a puddle. You can select the type which suits you the most.

• While choosing curtains for your bedroom you can use the blackout blinds as they are made up of heavier fabric and blocks the light completely giving you full privacy.

• Solar shades are meant for those who like to regulate the blinding light as they are made up of perforated vinyl; therefore they allow only a certain amount of light to pass through it.

• One inch wide curtain rod looks perfect with all types of interiors.

• While hanging the curtains make sure they are providing a fuller look. People love those curtains which looks twice as wide as your window size.

• In case you are buying readymade curtains, buy the longest one which you can find, dry clean them for a more attractive look.

Birthday Party Stage Decoration Ideas

Birthdays are one of the best days of every year, if not the best day for all of us. Remember the month, week or even the day before your birthday? The anticipations, the excitement and the expectations! However, for people who are planning our birthday surprises and parties, it can be a nerve-racking chore. What gift to buy, where to have the party, who to invite and what decorations to use. Planning a birthday party is a colossal task. However, if you are looking for some tips that could help you with birthday party stage decors; you have come to the right place.


Balloons are a must have accents for birthday party stage decorations. They are inexpensive and simple idea yet turn your party to a celebratory spectacle. Hang them from ceilings, on walls or as an entrance to the stage. Fill the balloons with helium and allow them to hit the ceiling. You can even fill transparent balloons with confetti before blowing them. To make LED balloons, you can insert a turned on LED light into each balloon before filling them with helium. They make wonderful ceiling lights for your stage. Switch off the lights of the room and the balloons will glow on the stage creating a beautiful ambience.


Streamers like balloons may seem like an age-old stage décor prop. However, they still hold their charm. You can twirl the papers, add fringes or hang them like a garland – they make wonderful stage decorations. They are vibrant, colourful and get everyone in the party mood. They are also cheap and can be reused for other occasions. What more? Streamers can decorate the wall, pillars, table, and chairs, in short, anything and everything. You can also hang balloons at the end of streamers on the stage wall. They are easily available and can also be made at home using crepe paper.

Messages on wall

Minimalistic stage decors can sometimes win the heart of the guests and the person who is celebrating their birthday. Use charts or boards to pin down messages from family, friends or anyone who couldn’t make it. Even better, install chalk boards or charts for people to write messages. It can be an unconventional decoration but a sweet and beautiful idea to light up the stage.

Party lights

All kind of lights add to the party spirit. Why not use them to decorate the stage for a birthday party? String fairy lights along the wall and along the stage. Use your creativity to add some flair to your lights. Cupcake papers, tissues, scrap papers – all these can make excellent accents for your lights. They are cheap, easy to make and pleasing for the eyes.


Garlands are always a great stage accent. Apart from streamers or string lights, there is a colossal of everyday things that can be used to make garlands for stage decorations. They have the potential to brighten even gloomy corners.Use fabric scraps, tissue papers, coffee filters, cupcake papers. Just string the materials with twines and hang them on the walls. To personalize your stage decorations, use photos that make a great décor prop. You can decorate the birthday party stage wall with photos of the person celebrating the birthday – from first birthday photos to previous year, childhood photos, etc. Use twines to make a garland or attach the photos to streamers, ribbons or cloth decorations on the wall.

Farmhouse Sink – A Classic Look in Your Kitchen

A farmhouse sink is a great way to give your modern kitchen a down home country look without having to go through a full renovation. With a wide variety of modern features combined with a retro style, there are plenty of apron farm sinks on the market to fit your needs. The next time you decide that it’s time to jazz up your kitchen, you might find it worth while to take a look at some classic farmhouse sink designs.

Classically designed farmhouse kitchen sinks are designed to imitate those that are used on old farms by offering the same functionality and durability as an older sink. While modern kitchens often have small, stainless steel sinks with multiple basins, older apron farm sinks are quite different. They were designed with one large basin to accommodate the large pots and pans that were used for cooking and preserving different things like jams and fruit in large quantities.

The farmhouse sink also has what is called an apron, or a front, that usually shows after installation instead of being hidden by your counter top or cabinet doors like modern styled sink fronts are.

If you want to stay true to the roots of the farmhouse apron front sink, you should invest in one that is made out of a ceramic or a fireclay type of material. These are the most authentic of country designs, however you can also find stainless steel, granite or even copper sinks that combine an antique style coloring with the same classic farm style designs. Fireclay and ceramic sinks are generally found in white, but they can also be found in other colors so that you can match your sink to your kitchen decor. With such a great variety of materials for sinks on the market, you can mix in a bit of your grandmother’s kitchen with your own modern taste to get the perfect mix of old and new.

Even though old style farmhouse sink designs are true to the single basin design, several manufactures understand the modern desire to have multiple sink basins to accommodate different cooking styles, garbage disposals and other common day needs. If you aren’t the single sink type, farmhouse kitchen sinks can be found that have two or even three basins of various sizes to meet your needs.

Whether you want a super classic sink, or something that combines a classic piece of farm life with your modern needs you are sure to find a great variety of apron farm sinks that will serve you well throughout the years. With heavy durability and functionality you will be sure to love a classic or modernized farmhouse sink in your home.

Decorating Tips to Make Your Front Door Stand Out

A drab entryway probably isn’t doing its job as the first impression that people have of your home. Instead of showcasing a boring and lifeless decor, transform this area into an inviting and artistic representation of your residence. Get helpful decorating tips for front doors to begin this transformation.

Painting Techniques

Paint can be an effective way to add exciting curb appeal to front doors. You have a variety of style options as you choose paint colors and techniques. A classic hue can add a traditional feel to a home, while a bright color will pull all eyes to the entryway. Deep red is a popular choice due to its bold and welcoming feel. When you want to create a cottage feel, consider bright yellow. A stone house with a deep blue door could be the perfect color combination. A variety of green hues can add a natural touch to virtually any house. Try something a little different and opt for a coppery pumpkin entryway instead of red. Purples are an imaginative option for both modern and traditional residences.

Unusual Wreaths

Wreaths are a common focal point on doors. Wreaths date back to ancient times, originating as a headband worn by Olympic champions. At some point, wreaths transitioned from headwear to walls and then entrances. While Advent and holiday wreaths are popular decor, many people enjoy decorating with other types of wreaths throughout the seasons. You can even choose unusual and unconventional variations of the typical wreath. Use an umbrella as a vase for colorful silk flowers. Fill a flat basket with silk flowers for a seasonal touch. An empty picture frame makes an innovative square wreath, especially if you embellish it with dried flowers and ribbons. Wood cutouts, painted to fit the motif, can add a whimsical flair to the doors.

Other Accessories

Many entries feature the house number in some fashion. You essentially have endless options for displaying your address. A silver serving platter painted with chalkboard paint would serve this purpose effectively. Frame the house number and hang it by a wide ribbon. Add a monogram of your family name for a stylish touch. You could stencil or paint it to the surface. Other options include hanging an oversized letter by ribbon or twine.

Consider knockers and a kickplate to spruce up the front doors. The kickplate sits at the bottom of the door, serving as both protection and a bright spot to draw the eye. A metal knocker can be traditional brass, or it might even feature unusual objects such as a butterfly or a woodpecker. Accessorizing your entryway with these bright options will help make it stand out attractively.

As you work on this area, you can also accessorize around the door. Add potted plants on the steps and around the landing. Hang flower baskets on either side of the entry to flank it with color. Hang wind chimes to add another element to the overall arrangement. A welcome mat on the front step adds another distinctive touch.

A little imagination and determination should help you transform the front of your house from boring to stylish.

Great Kid’s Bedroom Ideas

If your kid wants to redecorate their bedroom, it is nice to let them have a degree of input into how they would like their bedroom to look. However, it is also a sensible idea to keep a reign on their ideas, so that they do not run wild with them. As a parent, you can help to guide your kid’s bedroom ideas, whilst preventing them from becoming unmanageable. As the “keeper of the coin”, it is also a good idea to think about what is an affordable idea. Here are some easy to achieve kid’s bedroom ideas:

Race track
Race track themes are great kid’s bedroom ideas. There are plenty of car shaped beds available to buy which are based on real race cars, some of which even come with real race car sounds. As far as painting goes, roadways and chequered flags are something which can be achieved by even the least artistic parents.

Jungle themes can be fun kid’s bedroom ideas for really adventurous children. Dark and light green walls can be used to represent the thick foliage of the jungle, and animal stencils are widely available if you want to add in a few extra touches. You can even decorate hanging storage baskets to look like vines and creepers. These are fun kid’s bedroom ideas for children who have a whole menagerie of soft toys.

A fairytale theme is a really exciting theme, because there are lots of different possibilities: fairies, princesses, knights and dragons can all crop up in your designs. These kid’s bedroom ideas can be really great if you have a boy and a girl sharing the same room, because there is something for everyone. You can even create four-poster beds, complete with curtains, so that your children can have a bit of privacy, whilst also feeling like royalty.

Nautical theme and pirate themes are great, because they only need white or blue furniture, which is widely available without having to pay a premium. Seashells and other seaside items can be collected by your children when they are at the beach, to make them feel like they are having a positive impact with the decoration. If you have a wooden floor in the room, you can paint most of the floor blue, like the water, and then have one play corner decorated like the sandy beach of a desert island paradise.

If your child is not afraid of the dark, a space theme can be a real winner. A black, dark blue or deep purple base color, decorated with stars, planets and space rockets can be really evocative of the theme in question. It is even possible to get non-toxic glow in the dark paint for the stars, so that they are still visible even when the light is turned off. If you are precise, you can decorate the stars in the patterns of real constellations, so that your child will become familiar with and comfortable with the night sky outside.